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Can you do a update like do what kind of year you can pick like years from 20's to the late 80's or 90's and don't make it like the company is gonna get bankrupt in the 20's and it's kinda hard.

Way too hard...


doesant show my mouse when I go to click on things

Dont press the accept button twice 


its nice it loads up

i like the concept i just hope the people from the game the movies don't fine you for taking a song they put on their game... back in the day.. not sure if someone else said anything about it i like the idea as i said... fun otherwise

Hey just wanted to comment to ask if you would like your cool game to be supported by Gamer World?

This game is pretty good, like the comments below says it does experience some bugs at times, but if this game ever gets revived and developed again, I have a feeling it would get more and more attention, it's not easy to find animation tycoon type games, so if it does get updated often, I would likely play it a-lot more.

Hi guys - haven`t been active here lately so late post; sorry for all the trouble you`re having with the game, shouldn`t be a problem running but seems like it is; will try to look into it. 

The development and game itself is dead as for now but it might change.

- E.J.S

Can Change Some Stuff

It doesn't save??? Wow 

It doesn't save the game. After a while it hits an error and so I can't continue either.

It makes you research stuff twice



doesn't load.


yea it doesent load


Before anybody without WebGL plays i'm going to tell you something... it has WebGL